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Thursday Stuff

Very nice win last night, a series win versus the dreaded Angels, and a high water point of twelve under that they haven't reached since May 26.

Todd Wills says that starting pitching is behind the good play of late, and that's almost always true. But who would have thought that Kam Loe and Jamey Wright would be the positive influence? Kevin Millwood shouldn't be discounted, though, as he has finally gotten back on track. While the winning is nice, I guess the question is, where does all of this get you? If Loe can finally keep this up, it's gotten you the first starting pitcher that this club has developed into its own rotation since, who, Roger Pavlik? With Millwood returning to decency, I think that the rest of this summer is largely about whether Loe can maintain and what Brandon McCarthy can show.

One of the key players on the whole team coming into the year, it would be nice to see Robinson Tejeda begin to turn his season around tonight. Even if he does, I'm not sure that you can think of him as any more than a backup plan moving forward. But I guess a month ago we would have said that about Loe as well.

On BA's daily minor league review, J.J. Cooper points out that Jason Botts has hit .373 since May 1, wow.

And "RotoRob" has some interesting thoughts on some Rangers players over their improved play, along with their top draftees.