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Richard Durrett says that Salts McGee will be at first base tonight. And according to a poster over at Newberg's, Randy Galloway says Salts and Jason Botts will both be in the lineup tonight, which might just make me weep with joy.

Of course, my joy is tempered by the fact that Jamey Wright is sticking around, in a bullpen role. I can't imagine he'll be here more than a week or so, though, while the Rangers see if anyone puts in a claim on him when they run him through waivers. Kason Gabbard gets Wright's spot in the rotation tomorrow.

Jim Callis's chat at ESPN today had a ton of Ranger stuff...says the Gagne deal was a win/win, and that the Braves gave up a lot for Teixeira, but that Schuerholz generally knows who to give up and who to keep.

Callis also likes Neftali better than Fabio Castillo, and says that he's being bombarded with Yankee fans who are convinced that there's some conspiracy that resulted in Jon Daniels sending Gagne to the BoSox (the two scenarios I specifically saw were that Daniels screwed the Yanks on Gagne because he grew up a Mets fan, and to pay back the Yanks for their imminent extension of ARod). Callis (like most others) says that the Yanks didn't get Gagne because they refused to part with any prospects who had a chance of someday being good.

Patrick DiCaprio writes about the Rangers' deadline deals, and gets bonus karma points from me for linking me in his discussion and for having a cool picture at the top of his blog.

Christina Kahrl is one of the few at BP who noticed who the key piece of the Gagne trade is:

For the Red Sox, this might seem a deliciously low price to pay to get Gagne, with the added benefit that it ended up leaving the Bronx Bombers a bit flat-footed, so you can forgive them some amount of self-delighted glee. Gabbard and Murphy were both essentially filler players for the Sox (of admittedly differing degrees), and the only trailing leg, far-distant shoe that has to drop to properly assess the full price paid will be how well Beltre pans out. That's why the Rangers made this deal, certainly, and why they could settle for a back-end rotation regular and a fourth outfielder as the rest of the package for Gagne.

Keith Law says teams are now erring on the side of over-valuing draft picks in deciding whether to trade players or hang onto them at the deadline. I think that's particularly true when you consider that a quality draft pick is going to cost you over a million dollars, while the bonus for the player you get back has already been paid...

And is Doug Melvin panicking? Rickie Weeks has been sent back to AAA...