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Friday morning things

And I'm back...and thanks to zywica for keeping things going the past few days...

Pretty quiet out there today, with the trading deadline past and no game yesterday.

If you haven't already, check out this chat session with Jon Daniels from yesterday at the DMN website. A lot of good stuff there...

Evan Grant has a piece up on Michael Young's struggles from the #3 spot, which includes this rather alarming stat:

Among the 42 major leaguers with at least 500 at-bats in the third spot since 2004, Young's on-base-plus-slugging percentage, a good gauge of overall offensive impact, is .744. It ranks 40th of 42. Only Geoff Jenkins (.742), since moved out of the spot, and Jose Guillen (.740) rank lower.

Since 2004, Michael Young's on-base-plus-slugging percentage is .744, 40th among 42 players with at least 500 at-bats in the third spot. At the start of the week, Young ranked last. But, after it was mentioned to him, he responded by reaching base 11 times in his next 16 plate appearances and hit his first home run in three months.

Young says it is just a coincidence, and I tend to think that's most likely the case. On the other hand, this also points out that if Young is going to keep putting up a 750 OPS, then he needs to be hitting elsewhere in the order -- even if he's hitting .300 and going to have 200 hits in a season.

Grant also mentions that David Murphy is expected to be recalled to replace Jerry Hairston, Jr., on the 25 man roster. That means that, should Ian Kinsler or Michael Young need a day off, Ramon Vazquez will have to shift over from third base, with Adam Melhuse filling in for Vazquez at third.

And Anthony Andro has a piece on C.J. Wilson's quest to become the Ranger closer.