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A Rangers 2007 pop quiz

A few little questions on the 2007 Rangers...

  1. The Rangers have played 114 games this season, and Michael Young is leading the team in games played, with 111. Who is second on the Rangers in games played?
  2. Name every switch hitter who has a plate appearance for the Rangers this year.
  3. Who has played the most innings at third base for the Rangers this season?
  4. Who are the top three in slugging percentage for the Rangers this season (minimum of 10 PAs)?
  5. Eric Gagne leads the team in games finished this season, with 30. Who is second?
As always, no Googling, going to B-R, or otherwise looking up answers or cheating...

Answers will be posted later today...

Update [2007-8-10 16:41:23 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Answers are after the jump...

1 -- Gerald Laird

2 -- Mark Teixeira, Matt Kata, Adam Melhuse, Saltalmacchia, Jason Botts, Desi Relaford, and Vicente Padilla

3 -- Hank Blalock

4 -- Teixeira, Diaz, Blalock

5 -- Frankie Francisco