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Thursday morning things

Well, supposedly we were going to know by the end of the day yesterday who the Rangers had signed and who they hadn't. The situation, however, still appears to be up in the air.

Neil Ramirez has signed. Julio Borbon, John Gast, and Drew Pomeranz are still unknown...Evan Grant says Ranger p.r. man Greg Elkin wouldn't comment when asked about the status of Borbon last night (when Elkin announced the Ramirez signing), and Jon Daniels and Thad Levine were unavailable for comment.

In a blog entry, Grant says he thinks "there is still something afoot" in regards to Borbon and the other mystery men.

T.R. Sullivan says this morning Borbon didn't sign, which would make Borbon the highest drafted player not to sign, but doesn't say anything about Gast or Pomeranz.

BA notes that the Rangers issued a press release announcing the signing of all three of the limbo guys yesterday afternoon, then retracted it, but speculates that all three have been signed.

Matt Harvey, a guy who was linked to the Rangers and considered a mid-first-round talent, but who slipped to the Angels in the third round because of bonus demands, apparently didn't sign.

The newly d.l.'d Brandon McCarthy says he's been dealing with the shoulder issue for 2 and a half months, and hasn't been able to do his regular between-game throwing because of it. The plan is for him to spend 10-14 days resting and rehabbing, and then be activated sometime after rosters expand.

Oh, and there was a game yesterday...

Anthony Andro notes that Vicente Padilla looked a lot more like the 2006 version of Padilla, throwing the sharp breaking ball that has been M.I.A. all season. Hopefully, Padilla is healthy again and on track to have a solid end of the year and bounce back strong for 2008.

The much-maligned Ian Kinsler now has his OPS up to 788 on the season, and has been looking a lot better in the field since his return from the stress fracture. Kinsler said after the game last night that he's feeling much more comfortable now in the field, and that the changes he was trying to incorporate in his defensive play resulted in him taking a step backwards (metaphorically) earlier in the season in his play.

Tim Cowlishaw has an oddly headlined column up that has some love for C.J. Wilson, Texas Ranger Closer.