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Selig: Steroid use okay if you do charity work

A new press release has been issued by MLB, regarding the decision not to take disciplinary action against Jason Giambi:

Giambi had admitted to the use of performance-enhancing substances in a newspaper article in May and subsequently discussed his use with Senator Mitchell's investigative team.

"Jason was frank and candid with Senator Mitchell," said Commissioner Selig. "That and his impressive charitable endeavors convinced me it was unnecessary to take further action."

In a letter to Giambi, the Commissioner wrote: "In the days since your interview, your representatives have discussed with my office your commitment to off-field charitable activities. For example, your agent has informed my office that you intend to donate $50,000 to the Partnership of a Drug Free America. You have also committed to make an additional donation of $50,000 in cash or equipment to the Harlem RBI. You also have agreed to make an appearance at the Major League Baseball Academy in Compton, California during the 2007-2008 off-season. Finally your representatives have notified the Baseball Tomorrow Fund of your willingness to participate in a check presentation ceremony."

If only Neifi Perez had done work with inner-city youths...