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Jose Guillen is a jackass

Yeah, that's nothing new, I know...

But check out what he had to say about Adam Jones being promoted:

Tired of players spouting the party line, as so many of them did after the Mariners stood still at the trade deadline? Well, here's a non party-line quote from Jose Guillen, who pulled me aside tonight and told me he's absolutely "pissed off'' about the Jones promotion.

"I just hope they understand this is not Triple-A,'' he told me, in a conversation you can hear on this audio file. "This is the big leagues.''

"I guess they have something to do but this is a totally different league,'' he continued. "I understand he's a good prospect and if they think that he's ready, then hey we'll see.

"He's going to have to come here and prove that to us. Because this team has been good with what we have and I don't think that's what we need...he's a No. 1 prospect and he's going to be here sooner or later somehow, some way, but I just completely don't understand that move right there.

I don't know what they're trying to do. I hope they don't do something stupid to mess with the lineup that we have. Because I believe we have a pretty good one."

No, Jose, the M's don't have a pretty good lineup.

You -- the starting right fielder -- are hitting .286/.357/.439. Your DH is hitting .306/.368/.371. Your left fielder is hitting .254/.307/.391. Your first baseman is hitting .198/.299/.394.

And the bench player the team is cutting loose to make room for Jones, Jason Ellison, is hitting .283/.298/.283. It is August 2, and he has no extra base hits and 1 walk.

Five of the 9 regulars in the M's lineup have an OBP under .310. And one of the other 4 regulars is your DH with a 739 OPS.

One of think that a player on a playoff contender would want someone who could hit on the team, rather than being "pissed off" that someone who can hit had been called up.

Someone like Jones, who is hitting .314/.382/.586 in AAA, and can play all the outfield positions.