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Wednesday morning stuff

Another instance of a bad Ranger lineup going up against a very good pitcher, with predictable results. Bah.

Doubleheader today, and Kason Gabbard and John Rheinecker will go for the Rangers. Michael Young left yesterday's game with a stiff back, but it sounds like he'll play at least one of today's games.

And the Rangers are going to need a starter on Saturday, with Evan Grant saying that it will either be Jamey Wright or Mike Wood coming in from the bullpen to make the start, unless both of them have to pitch today. If they both go today, it sounds like Armando Galarraga will get the start, since there aren't any other starting ptichers available in the minors other than Edinson Volquez, who apparently won't get an emergency start because of the oversleeping thing.

Jason Jennings is done for the season, with a tear in the flexor tendon in his elbow.

On the way to work today, I heard a couple of football guys who were doing the morning sports show talking about Jennings, and how the Astros blew it by not doing enough medical homework on him before trading for him. The basis for this opinion is that, when Tim Purpura was asked if his medical staff had looked at Jennings' "x-rays" prior to trading for him, he declined to answer, other than to say that his medical staff got the complete medical records on Jennings.

Of course, an x-ray isn't going to tell you jack about a player's elbow, other than if it is broken. Asking if the team had reviewed Jennings' x-rays, as if that would tell you something about whether his got tendon or ligament issues with his elbow, is dumb.

Anyway...I'm guessing Jennings either gets a 3-4 year deal at $10 million per this offseason, or else he gets a 1 year, make-good deal at around $5 million plus incentives.

And I think there would be just about no reason for the Rangers to be pursuing him this offseason.

Big game for Garret Anderson last night, who had 2 doubles, 2 homers, and 10 RBIs against the Yankees. Of course, it only raised his OPS on the season from 714 to 753.