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Thursday a.m. things


One of the things about being a Ranger back to the 70s, wacky stuff is always happening with this team. The Rangers may not win, but they always end up being in the news and talked about.

And after the doubleheader sweep, the Rangers are back to 14 games under .500, and heading home to face the hated M's.

Evan Grant's game story includes a rundown of the milestones that were hit last night...

Randy Galloway takes a break from the Cowboys to talk about the Teixeira trade, and it is really a pretty interesting column. He calls Tom Hicks' 8 year, $140 million contract extension a "bluff," because he says Hicks knew Teixeira wanted out so bad he wouldn't have taken twice that much, and re-hashes the "take" sign fiasco again, but also has some praise for Ron Washington making adjustments and getting Michael Young behind him with what he's trying to do.

And Akinori Otsuka is still considering surgery, although Dr. James Andrews confirmed the opinions of the other two doctors, who said that there's nothing structurally wrong with Otsuka's elbow. At this point, I think we're going to see the team just shut him down for the season, maybe scope the elbow this offseason, and have him ready to go for next season.