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Will Carroll with some Laird and Baldelli talk

Will Carroll had an interesting note in his column yesterday, on a topic we've touched on recently:

The Rays hope to have Rocco Baldelli back on September 1, when rosters expand. The flexibility that expansion allows will give them a chance to play and rest Baldelli in ways that they can't with a 25-man active roster that includes 12 pitchers. Joe Maddon isn't going to lead a change back to the 10-man staff, although that might have to be one of Baldelli's better hopes. His legs might not allow him to ever be a full-time outfielder, meaning he's going to need to find the right situation to ever reach even a portion of his potential. Sometimes things click, as they have for J.D. Drew. I think it will take a trade, perhaps to the Rangers for Max Ramirez and Gerald Laird, to give Baldelli his best chance. For now, he's playing in the minors on rehab, mostly DHing.

Interesting possibility there. I think there is the potential for a Laird/Baldelli is just a question as to what the other piece the D-Rays would want would be.

If it is Laird and Ramirez for Baldelli, I'd probably do that.