Astros are bringing up pitching prospect Troy Patton against Pittsburgh this Saturday.  Minor league numbers this year:
4-2 4.59ERA  49IP  44H  25ER  11BB  25K  WHIP:1.12
6-6 2.99ERA  102.1IP  96H  34ER  32BB  68K WHIP:1.26

So for shits and grins, I figured (since everyone on here knows I am an avid Hurley supporter), why not compare the two:
4-6  3.88ERA  65IP  51H  28ER  22BB  55K WHIP:1.12
7-2  3.25ERA  88.2IP  71H  32ER  27BB  76K  WHIP:1.11

Totals Comparison:
Totals (For Patton):
10-8  3.52ERA  151.1IP  140H  59ER  43BB  93K  WHIP:1.21 BAA: 2.47
Totals (For Hurley):
11-8  3.52ERA  153.2IP  122H  60ER  49BB  131K  WHIP:1.17 BAA: 2.17

Hmmm..... numbers are EXTREMELY comparable with Hurley coming out on top.  If it's ok for Houston to do it being out of the race, why not Texas?

Oh Lord, cue the dumbass 40 man arguments.  Looks like Houston sure doesn't have a problem adding their number one pitching prospect to the 40 man roster out of the race.

Houston's record (57-71)
Texas's record (56-71)