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8/24 minors

Beau Jones and Omar Poveda among the pitchers scheduled for tonight, Jones already underway.

After last night, Evan Reed's combined (Spokane/Clinton) numbers are:

1.88 ERA, 28.2 IP, 14 H, 0 HR, 11 BB, 27 K, .149 Opp BA

BA had this yesterday on Engel Beltre:

One of the key pieces in the Eric Gagne trade between the Rangers and Red Sox was Engel Beltre, a toolsy outfielder whom the Red Sox signed out of the Dominican Republic for $600,000 in 2006. Beltre, 17, has struggled to make consistent contact in the Gulf Coast League this summer, but he has also shown glimpses of the power potential that makes him so intriguing.

Through 145 plate appearances, Beltre's average was just .202, mostly a result of his 44 strikeouts. However, his on-base percentage (.310) and slugging (.400) show that he is willing to take a walk and that his power stroke is already there. Eleven of Beltre's 26 hits have been for extra bases, including five home runs.

While that is obviously woefully out of date (written right after the deadline as it includes just GCL numbers), I think that it's interesting that something that positive was written about him while he was hitting about 200/300/400. For Texas he's hit .303/.386/.553 and improved his SO/BB ratio from 3.7:1 to 2.5:1. And overall he's brought his totals to .244/.339/.458, which is pretty impressive in itself.