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Saturday morning stuff

Bah. Stupid Mariners.

Richard Durrett says there were some good signs yesterday from Kevin Millwood and David Murphy, with Millwood trying to get his mechanics back on track and Murphy vying for a 4th outfielder role next year.

Durrett also says that John Danks, who was expected to start against the Rangers next week, may not start after all. The ChiSox have been discussing shutting down Danks for the year, and with the doubleheader yesterday throwing off the rotation schedule, they could skip his start. Danks has a 5.51 ERA this season, and a 6.51 ERA since late May.

However, the big story from yesterday was the all-you-can-eat club section, which got a big writeup today. I may have to go check that out at some point...

Michael Schlacht is the focus of Todd Wills' farm report today.

Jamey Wright will get the spot start today, and Brandon McCarthy expects to throw in four or five days, with the hopes of returning to the rotation in September.