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Boras, Kenny, and Pudge

The Detroit News has some comments from Scott Boras on former Rangers, and current Tigers, Kenny Rogers and Pudge Rodriguez.

Boras calls Rogers, who has said he will either pitch for the Tigers next year or retire, an "anomaly," a guy who can still be successful at 43.

The Pudge Rodriguez comments are more interesting, though...the Tigers have a $13 million option on him for next year, and Boras seems to be preparing in case that isn't exercised:

"He's an All-Star catcher at the top of his game," Boras said. He added that he "always thought this would be a five-year deal" when Rodriguez signed on with the Tigers in February of 2004. The contract was for four years and $40 million with a $13 million option for 2008.

Pudge has a 714 OPS and a .237 EQA this season, which seems to be pretty far from the top of his game. The lack of a ton of catching options out there in the free agent market could prompt the Tigers to exercise the option, but it seems more likely they'll decline, given that it seems unlikely Pudge could get more than $5-6 million per year as a free agent.

And of course, I think they might want to free up some money to apply towards another former Ranger Rodriguez who will be a free agent after this season, and who (like Rogers, Pudge, Magglio Ordonez, and recent Tiger draftees Rick Porcello and Andrew Miller) is also a Boras client.