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Saturday a.m. things

Another disappointing outing from Kevin Millwood in what has been largely a lost season from him. And the first inning continues to be the killer...Millwood has allowed 20 first inning runs this season, with opposing batters hitting .366/.459/.585 against him in the first inning this year.

And the rotation has suffered another blow, with Kam Loe heading to the disabled list with a bad back. He's supposedly going to miss just a couple of starts, and Mike Wood is being called up to get the start today. Wood is going on just 2 days rest, though, so expect to see Willie Eyre or Wes Littleton by the 4th or 5th inning.

And Vicente Padilla is still a little ways from returning...he's going to pitch either Sunday or Monday, and then will still need another rehab start before he's ready to return.

Ask BA has a new Rangers top 20 list up, with new acquisitions sprinkled all through the list...Jim Callis also says that Saltalamacchia would be #1, ahead of Eric Hurley, if he were still eligible.

Todd Wills has a piece up on Matt Harrison, the AA lefty the Rangers got as part of the Teixeira deal.