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Sunday a.m. stuff

Well, that was kind of ugly yesterday. Oh, well...

Richard Durrett's game story discusses the situation with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Gerald Laird, and the decision the organization is going to make this offseason on where Saltalamacchia's long-term future lies.

Durrett also says that A.J. Murray has impressed Ron Washington so far, and that along with Jarrod Saltalamacchia catching today, Sammy Sosa will be at DH in place of Jason Botts, with Brad Wilkerson at first base.

Anthony Andro has some notes on the Blake Beavan situation, with Jon Daniels saying that he expects Beavan to sign, but with the necessity of doing a physical, it isn't something that can go down to the wire.

Phil Rogers has a lot of Ranger stuff in his column today, predicting that the Braves will only try to re-sign Mark Teixeira if Andruw Jones leaves after this season, and that Atlanta isn't likely to match the 8 year, $140 million offer Texas made.

Rogers also says that the Mets wouldn't give up Lastings Milledge for Eric Gagne, and the Yanks wouldn't give up Melky Cabrera or Ian Kennedy.

He says that the Angels were willing to deal Casey Kotchman and Joe Saunders for Mark Teixeira, but wouldn't kick in Nick Adenhart or Brandon Wood. Some folks have ripped Daniels for passing on the Angels offer, since it included a major league ready starting pitcher, but Saunders isn't going to more than a #4 or #5 starter, which makes adding him a rather marginal move.