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Monday morning things

Bleah. Sweep by the Blue Jays, and the Rangers are now 2-7 in their last 9 games. This isn't a very good offense -- and wasn't even before Lofton and Teixeira were dealt -- so shaky starting pitching, like the Rangers had in the first two games of the Toronto series, is really difficult to overcome.

Another solid outing for Brandon McCarthy yesterday, who didn't appear to have real good stuff, but who got the job done.

Richard Durrett says the key for McCarthy was making adjustments after his rough first inning, something that he's gotten much better at doing during the course of this season.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia got good reviews for his work behind the plate yesterday, although he says he called the wrong pitch on the Vernon Wells triple that drove Frankie Francisco out of the game.

For what it is worth...since coming off the d.l. in late May, Frank Catalanotto is hitting .280/.350/.447.

I know there have been suggestions that Cat is done, that we shouldn't be counting on him for next season, but after that awful April and then his injury, he's hit pretty close to what you'd expect from him.