bp on Beavan

kevin goldstien has an article up, detailing where all the first round picks stand in negotiations.

it requires membership. but here is what he had to say on beavan.

"17. Rangers: Blake Beavan, RHP, Irving HS (Texas)
Advisor: Hendricks Sports
Status: Unsigned
Where It's At: The negotiations with Beavan have become a bit acrimonious, but it's nothing that can't be overcome. Prior to the draft, Beavan expected to go in the 11-13 range, and now he wants to be paid like that--namely, signing for somewhere around $1.7 million. The Rangers are holding firm to their slot offer of $1.4 million, knowing that they already will need to call the commissioner to go over slot with supplemental first-round picks Julio Borbon and Neil Ramirez. Like Bumgarner, Beavan is threatening to spend a year at a junior college, but like Bumgarner, he stands little to gain with such a gambit."

I'm pretty confident that he will break-down and sign. If he doesn't i won't loose much sleep over it. The rangers had so many picks in this draft that losing the first one just doesn't seem like a huge blow to the organization. Someone on this site posted a thing about hs pitchers, and it was really informative to me. so after reading that post i got the idea that beaven has like a 1-5 chance of making the bigs, and a 1-10 chance of being a an all-star.

seriously, is the 17th pick worth that much money?