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Wednesday morning items

Not sure how many people agree with this, but this team is a lot more fun for me to watch these days. Good signs last night, with Kason Gabbard making a solid start, CJ Wilson with another impressive save, Jarrod Saltalamacchia with a big hit and Marlon Byrd with a HR.

DMN has lots of good stuff today, starting with Evan Grant telling us about Wilson's third save.

Grant also runs down what I did yesterday, how the Rangers and their farm system are stacking up with all of the new players, according to Baseball America.

And if you haven't, check out Grant's newsletter from last night.

Dave Sessions has more on Wilson and Gabbard. I don't know how good Gabbard is going to be, but it is refreshing to see young left handed pitchers having success in Arlington.

Kevin Millwood squares off against Lenny Dinardo tonight as the Rangers try to win their second straight series against Oakland.