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Monday morning things

Starting the week with the third place Texas Rangers...

That was a real ugly game last night. Evan Grant says the Rangers set a record for most pitches thrown by a team in a 9 inning win (at least, since 1988, when pitch counts began to be officially tracked) with 230.

And even with the offday today and the expanded roster, the doubleheader against Detroit could be problematic...

Scott Feldman, John Rheinecker, Frankie Francisco, and Bill White will all be unavailable, per Grant. And the Rangers' starters in the doubleheader will be Brandon McCarthy (who will be limited to 34-40 pitches) and Vicente Padilla (who...well, who is Vicente Padilla).

The only plus is that the Tigers used quite a few relievers this weekend in Seattle, and have a game today as well, so their pen will likely also be depleted.