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Thursday a.m. things

Bah. 2 losses in a row, dropping the Rangers back to 7 games below .500. At least the hated Mariners beat the A's, meaning Oakland is just 1 up on Texas. If the Rangers can take 3 of 4 in Oakland this series, they'll leave the Bay Area in sole possession of third place.

Richard Durrett says yesterday's game was a learning experience for Edinson Volquez, who didn't pitch badly, but got punished for walking too many batters. Dave Sessions says the team was impressed that Volquez kept his composure despite giving up a couple of big home runs, something that he wasn't doing last time he was up.

The Rangers website reports that the team doesn't think Scott Feldman's knee injury is serious, but let him go back to Texas to get an MRI on it after he expressed concern about the swelling not going down.

And Kevin Sherrington has a column up about how Kerry Wood went from being one of the most dominant pitchers in the game in 1998 at age 20 to a middling middle reliever today.