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Some linkaliciousness

Several things I just wanted to throw out there...

Buster Olney's blog today includes a response from Jon Daniels to an email Olney sent him about this season:

"We've played well after what was basically a Murphy's Law start to the season: injuries, poor performances, some critical pieces written (some deserved, some not). I give a lot of credit to Wash [manager Ron Washington] for the way he responded to everything, maintained a level head and positive attitude, and kept our guys focused. We've played good baseball while Ron's blended a lot of new faces into the mix. Several trade acquisitions have contributed immediately and we've pitched considerably better the past three months. [David] Murphy's been impressive -- not just the hot start statistically as much as the way he's played the game. High energy, quality defense, challenging defenders on the basepaths -- it's early but he's made an impression with the staff. Salty and Gabbard [Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Kason Gabbard] have paid dividends quickly as well -- Kason really knows how to pitch. Probably the most exciting thing is the way the whole organization has been energized by the influx of talent, from top to bottom. Between our five first-round picks, the players added at the deadline, our efforts in Latin America, and the improvement of a lot of players already in the system, we're a lot healthier now than we've been in some time. It's going to be fun."

T.R. Sullivan runs down his top 10 greatest single-season performances (by a player) in Rangers main disagreement here is that the only ARod season that makes the cut is 2002, whereas I think all 3 of his seasons in Texas deserve to be in the top 5 or 6 overall.

Our friend Poochie MacMahon talks about John Danks being shut down:

The White Sox will probably let John Danks rest the remainder of the season after he lasted only 2 2/3 innings in Tuesday's starts.

The Danks-Brandon McCarthy comparison haven't been heard around these parts nearly as much since Danks started stinking up in the joint.

Pot and kettle, anyone? It seems like MacMahon was one of the folks harping on the trade the most in April and May...

Jayson Stark runs down his top 5 Cy Young candidates in each league, and also talks about the Houston Astros g.m. hunt, which is also the focus of Jon Heyman's column today. Their common theme? Anyone who wants that job better be prepared to have a very active, involved owner looking over his shoulder and being involved in the decisions.

Oh, and as Kevin Goldstein notes, the g.m. will also be inheriting a farm system coming off 3 straight poor drafts, and says this about their draft spending philosophy:

Unfortunately, the Astros are notoriously conservative in the upper rounds of the draft, not going over slot in any significant way unless the player happens to be Roger Clemens' son.

Oh, snap!

Keith Law was chatty today, with some Michael Main love and predicting Bill Bavasi is safe this offseason no matter what (which is good news for Rangers fans)...

And Jim Callis did a chat yesterday, though almost no Rangers stuff (other than pegging Chris Davis as a future solid regular rather than an All-Star caliber player)...