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FJM links to this cryptic post on the Mike Pagliarulo site, which features a bizarre graph as evidence of...something. I'm not sure what. But look at it, read the comments to it (which includes the bloggers responding to some specific comments), and see if you can figure out what is going on.

There is also, on the Pags blog, this valentine to Twins g.m. Terry Ryan. Why is Ryan so great?

Terry Ryan, one of the better representatives of his organization, a man who emphasized fundamental baseball and hustle, stepped down yesterday as one of the top leaders of the Minnesota Twins. The respected Ryan leaves a legacy of discipline and hard-nosed play. Twins players (at any level in their organization) hustled down the first base line after every ball put in play, a practice only a few teams in the game follow. They played solid fundamental defense and concentrated on a "team" plan of attack.

Um. I don't even know how to respond to that.

They do state the obvious, vis-a-vis the Twins:

Small market teams, such as the Twins, have one advantage over those in larger markets - they are forced to focus on their core competencies. Ryan might be focusing on the amateur scouting department as the Twins need to reload their system. This wouldn't be a bad plan by any stretch of the imagination.

So, what should this small market team, with limited resources and a track record of success in amateur scouting, do going forward this offseason?

Eliminating their international (Pacific Rim/Australia) scouting plan would allow them to concentrate on the number one priority at hand, and that is to sign Torii Hunter.

My head just exploded.

I'm beginning to think this site is done by the Sharky3000.