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New Evan Grant newsletter up

Evan Grant has a new newsletter up...

He talks about the possibility that the Rangers will look to dump Vicente Padilla before next season, suggests that Edinson Volquez could be 2008's Fausto Carmona, and talks about the possibility of the Electrician returning to the Rangers to pitch out of the pen next year...

I've got zero interest in Wright being back in 2008, personally. If Otsuka comes back and is the closer, you're going to have Wilson, Benoit and Littleton as your setup guys, Rheinecker as your lefty, and Frankie Francisco and Kam Loe in middle relief roles, and Scott Feldman and Josh Rupe also available.

And if Otsuka doesn't come back, C.J. Wilson is probably going to be your closer, which means you probably are going to look at a Bill White or an A.J. Murray ahead of a righthander. And with Loe in the bullpen, you don't really need a long man like Wright, I don't think.

Plus, Wright hasn't even been that good this season, walking more batters than he's struck out.

So, if Wright wants to come in as an NRI and go to Oklahoma to fill out the rotation there, I guess that's fine. But I wouldn't want to give him a major league deal or count on him in the bullpen next season.