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This is cool

Really neat piece at THT on pitch identification with the Gameday fx system.

And the author has put together charts to show, for individual pitchers, how much their individual pitches break and at what velocity. He breaks down several pitchers as part of the article, and attaches PDF files at the end for about 150 others.

Really neat stuff...for example, with Brandon McCarthy, his fastball has almost no "tailing" action, but is among the most extreme in terms of "rising" (which, of course, is a misnomer, since fastballs don't actually "rise," as the author explains), while his curves almost all have almost the same horizontal break, but with a great deal of variation in their vertical break.

C.J. Wilson, meanwhile, has quite a few pitches that are the velocity of sliders, but which have almost no horizontal or vertical break, which (from reading the article) could be the famous gyroball.

Really neat stuff...check it out...