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Sunday a.m. things

Woo-hoo!!! The Rangers won't get swept in Anaheim!!! It's a Festivus miracle!!!

Didn't get to see Volquez -- I had to follow online -- but he appears to have done okay, and is getting good reviews today. A solid September from Volquez would give him a leg up on the 5th starter job next season, which would allow Kam Loe to move back to the bullpen for 2008 and let Eric Hurley spend the first couple of months of the season in AAA.

Evan Grant says the 4th inning yesterday was huge for Volquez, who avoided the type of meltdown that has plagued him in his previous big league starts, and showed poise while working his way out of a jam.

Also from Grant, Hank Blalock is expected to start at DH today, with Frank Catalanotto returning to the lineup, presumably at first base or left field.

Grant also breaks down how the Astros, World Series participants just a couple of years ago, ended up with the most messed-up team in Texas...

Dave Sessions runs down some things the Rangers are looking at the rest of the way, as they try to figure out where they stand with the outfield and the rotation.

Jim Reeves has some thoughts on the Rangers today, saying that Ron Washington takes a much less active role on personnel issues than Buck Showalter did (or at least tried to do), and quoting Gerald Laird as saying he expects to be dealt this offseason, with the Rangers committing to Jarrod Saltalamacchia.