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Sunday p.m. things

Late post today with the usual morning links...

Kam Loe has been shut down for the season, with elbow soreness, per Todd Wills of the DMN. Not a surprise, there, and while Ron Washington says that Loe will head into spring training as a starter, my guess is that the rotation, barring injury, is probably set -- Millwood, Padilla, McCarthy, Gabbard, Volquez -- which means Loe is likely to end up in a middle/long relief role in 2008.

Washington also said that neither C.J. Wilson nor Joaquin Benoit have earned the closer role for 2008, and he'd like to see the team get an experienced closer for next year. Unless the Rangers bring Eric Gagne back, I can't see the team going out and adding a veteran closer, given the options already in place.

Jim Reeves has a lot of thoughts on Vicente Padilla today, and also says that the Rangers need to let Sammy Sosa go, and grouses about it "always being something with this guy" vis-a-vis Brandon McCarthy and his injuries this year.

McCarthy's status for Tuesday's game is up in the air, and if he gets shut down for the year, Jamey Wright or Mike Wood will start for McCarthy on Tuesday, and Vicente Padilla on Sunday.