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Tuesday a.m. things

A 2 game winning streak now for the Rangers, as they limp towards the finish line of a very disappointing season. 5 games to go, 2 games back of Oakland for third place, and if the season ended today, the Rangers would pick 11th in the 2008 draft.

Armando Galarraga impressed the coaching staff yesterday, despite running out of gas in the 5th inning. Galarraga's return to prospectness after a bad 2006 is one of the many positive farm system stories this year, and I thought he showed some flashes yesterday. He could end up playing a role in the bullpen next year.

Also from Evan Grant's game story is an update on the Rudy Jaramillo contract situation:

Since general manager Jon Daniels and hitting instructor Rudy Jaramillo first discussed a contract extension nearly a month ago, there has not been much in the way of contract talks.

Time could soon become a factor. Jaramillo's contract expires Oct. 31, which would allow him to start exploring the "free agent" market. A possibility for Jaramillo to pursue would be something with the New York Mets where his long-time friend Omar Minaya is the general manager.

Jaramillo, who grew up in Oak Cliff, has been the Rangers' hitting coach since 1995.

Washington has said he wants all of his coaches to return for 2008. Most of them are already under contract for 2008. Jaramillo, finishing up a three-year, $1.2 million deal is the exception.

Dave Sessions has some quotes from Michael Young saying that the players want Rudy back, but at this point, I'm thinking he'll leave. His hitting approach doesn't appear to mesh real well with Ron Washington's approach, and with Washington and Jon Daniels wanting to have hitters work the count more and show more patience at the plate, I think Rudy's more aggressive approach may end up playing better with another team.

Also today we have this week's BTB Awards up...check it out...