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Wednesday a.m. things

Don't look now, but the Rangers have a 3 game winning streak, and are just a game back of Oakland. Yeah, it doesn't really mean anything, really, but it would be nice if the Rangers could finish the season in third place, rather than fourth place, even if it means sliding back a slot in the 2008 draft.

And speaking of the draft, the Rangers will pick no better than 8th next year. If the season were to end today, the Rangers would pick 12th, and could conceivably pick as low as 14th.

Evan Grant has some love for A.J. Murray's performance yesterday, and says Murray could factor into the rotation mix in 2008.

Anthony Andro says that the performances the past three days by Luis Mendoza, Armando Galarraga, and Murray give the Rangers some hope for the future. And remember, these guys aren't even among the Rangers' "top" prospects...Mendoza and Murray probably won't even crack the BA top 30 for the Rangers this offseason, and Galarraga may not be in the top 20...

But all three have shown some flashes of why they may be able to force their way into the Rangers plans, be it as a starter or in the bullpen.

Scott Feldman is replacing Josh Rupe on the Rangers' Arizona Fall League contingent, and will be working on his new delivery, hoping to get enough repetitions so it isn't "new" anymore.

Final home game of the season today, a 2:05 1:05 start...hopefully, the Rangers can close out the homestand with a win...