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Johan Santana to the Dodgers?

Report from Fox Sports says the Dodgers are in on Johan Santana, and are willing to send Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw to the Twins to nab Santana.


Presumably, Frank McCourt would then moneywhip Santana to stay in Los Angeles.

But really, Santana in Chavez Ravine wouldn't necessarily be that good of a fit.

Santana is a flyball pitcher whose one weakness is that he gives up a lot of homers.

Chavez Ravine is a pretty extreme pitcher's park, with one allows a lot of homers.

Now, that doesn't mean that Santana would suddenly suck if he went to L.A. He would most likely keep being the dominant pitcher he still is.

But, from a fit standpoint, he probably wouldn't benefit as much from moving from the Metrodome to L.A. as folks would probably at first think.

Kemp and James Loney, the two guys who were untouchable when Mark Teixeira was available earlier this season, have been called on the carpet recently for attitude issues, with a divide growing between the veterans on the team and the newcomers.

So if Ned Colletti sticks around, and Logan White leaves, I wouldn't be surprised if Santana is a Dodger in 2008, and some of those untouchables from this summer end up in the Twins organization.