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Friday morning things

Tim Cowlishaw looks more closely at the possibility of Bonds joining the Rangers. I don't really have much to say about this Bonds thing at this point.

T.R. Sullivan had a breakdown yesterday of all of the internal candidates for the staff next season. It's encouraging to have a lot of guys filling holes, but the lack of any frontline starters or a top closer for the first time in several springs is glaring.

Dave Sessions has his take on the 2008 rotation, giving percent chances. I expect Padilla to be in the rotation, but I can't see how he's at 98% and McCarthy is only at 70% unless McCarthy's health outlook is much more ominous than I realize. It's not like Padilla is extremely likely to have everything go smoothly physically and mentally.

Evan Grant illustrates the Rangers season with some numbers.

Randy Galloway disagrees with the grade Washington gave himself. I'm just not sure why anyone would answer the question and grade himself.

And Baseball America will post its top twenty prospects in the Midwest League today. The Rangers will have three participants: Omar Poveda, Johnny Whittleman and Kasey Kiker, in that order. I'm a little surprised that Kiker is third and not first, but as Adam noted yesterday, Jim Callis likes Poveda quite a bit.