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Rangers calling up...Bill White?

For the first time in years, the Rangers are calling up someone I've never heard of...

Evan Grant is reporting that the Rangers are purchasing the contract of 28 year old lefty reliever Bill White.

Here are his numbers from this year. Here are his career minor league numbers. Grant says that he throws hard and has had control issues.

White, like Guillermo Quiroz, can be a minor league free agent if he isn't on the 40 man roster this offseason, so this would seem to be an opportunity for the major league staff to get a closer look at him, and decide whether they want to keep him around as a bullpen option for next season.

Like Quiroz, if they decide to waive him in the offseason, the end result is basically the same as if they never brought him up in the first place, but if they keep him on the 40 man roster, they ensure that he'll at least be in camp with the Rangers in 2008...