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Friday a.m. things

Ah, the quiet of the day after an off day, in a September where we're just playing out the string...

Evan Grant has a story up on David Murphy taking advantage of his opportunity and stealing some playing time away from Nelson Cruz. And so does Dave Sessions.

I still see Murphy as a 4th outfielder or maybe a platoon guy, but he still could end up with a significant role in 2008, given that the Rangers appear to have a bunch of 4th outfielders and platoon guys in the mix for the 2008 outfield anyway.

T.R. Sullivan has his Friday notes up, mentioning (among other things) that Torii Hunter turned down 3 years, $45 million from the Twins because he wants a 5 years deal...

And the Rangers website has an article up on the power prospects in Frisco...and who would have thunk, back in 2005 when he was drafted, that Taylor Teagarden would be considered a power hitting prospect (or that he'd be putting up more impressive power numbers than fellow 2005 draftee John Mayberry, Jr.)?