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On Jason Jennings and German Duran

T.R. Sullivan has an article up, with a couple of interesting notes...

First, there's this on Jason Jennings:

The Rangers will have to make another move on the roster later this week when they add free agent pitcher Jason Jennings. That deal is just about done, and Jennings underwent his physical on Monday.

So it sounds like Jennings will be a Ranger next season. Hopefully, in terms of former Rockies pitchers who went elsewhere in the N.L., got hurt, sucked, and came to Texas to revitalize their careers, Jennings will be closer to John Thomson than Pedro Astacio.

Then there's word from Sullivan that German Duran is on the radar, with the Rangers apparently giving some consideration to keeping him around as a utility player next year, and possibly playing some first base.

The Rangers need a righty bat, which Duran provides, although sticking him at first base for any significant amount of time would be a questionable decision, I think.

But the other issue is how Duran sticking would impact the rest of the roster...given that Ian Kinsler and Michael Young are both going to play almost every day, do you really need Ramon Vazquez and German Duran on the 25 man roster, if you are also keeping 12 pitchers? Or would Duran sticking make Vazquez expendable, allowing Nelson Cruz or Jason Botts to hang around on the Opening Day roster?

(And I still have to wonder why it was so important to gave Vazquez a major league deal and make him the frontrunner for the utility infielder role, given that he's a lefty, and the Rangers could use a righthanded hitting utility man a lot more).

I still don't think it is likely Duran is going to be in Arlington on Opening Day, and I think Texas will either use Broussard as the everyday first baseman or use Saltalamacchia there against lefties.

But this is one of those things to keep an eye on...