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Jason Jennings a Ranger

Per the Rangers' website, Texas has finalized a one year contract with Jason Jennings.

Barring injuries, one has to assume that the 2007 rotation is pretty much set, with Jennings joining Kevin Millwood, Vicente Padilla, Brandon McCarthy, and Kason Gabbard. Of course, all five of those guys spent a fair amount of time hurt last year, other than Gabbard, who has nevertheless battled injury problems throughout his career.

This actually has a chance to be a pretty solid rotation. Although you have to imagine that a good first-half from Padilla would result in Jon Daniels burning up the phone lines trying to find a taker for him...

The article also mentions that Ron Washington wants Jason Botts to get some work at first base this spring, as part of a possible platoon with Ben Broussard.

That still, though, begs the question...if you are going to have Botts at first base against lefties, who splits time with Frankie the Cat at DH? Do you have Jarrod Saltalamacchia DH against lefties?

Or do you let David Murphy play everyday, and have Marlon Byrd split time with Cat?

Also...supposedly, Botts' history of back problems had led the Rangers to keep him away from first base the past year or two. So, why the change now?