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Thursday a.m. stuff

Evan Grant has an item up on Marlon Byrd agreeing to a 1 year, $1.85 million deal with the Rangers, avoiding arbitration, and the imminent Jason Jennings signing.

Grant says that Jennings, Kevin Millwood, and Vicente Padilla are set in the rotation, but as for the last two spots?

The Rangers would also like for Brandon McCarthy and Kason Gabbard to join them, but they could also be pushed by right-handers Luis Mendoza and Armando Galarraga and left-hander A.J. Murray.

I have a hard time understanding how, if he's healthy, McCarthy is really going to be pushed for a rotation spot by one of those guys.

And checking the DMN blog just now, I see the signing is official...1 year, $4 million, with incentives that could push it up to $4 million more.