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The Return of Igor?

Are the Cards bringing Juan Gonzalez out of retirement?

Two-time MVP Juan Gonzalez is seeking another swing at a comeback after nearly three years since his last at-bat, and the Cardinals have discussed extending him an invitation to spring training.

Gonzalez, 38, has been working out at Eduardo Perez's Winter Training Program in Puerto Rico. The Cardinals, intrigued by descriptions of Gonzalez's workouts, are exploring the possibility of signing the former All-Star outfielder, but a source cautioned that no deal is completed.

This sounds like the Sammy Sosa stuff all over again.

Although the fact that it is happening with another team, rather than the Rangers, makes it far more amusing.

And Juan Gone, of course, has his own unique entertainment value, as well.

I certainly hope he gets signed, and I'm looking forward to watching (from a distance) as this story progresses...