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Monday morning things

I'm ready for spring training to start.

And I'm pretty sure I will refuse to watch the Super Bowl.

The Chicago Sun-Times says the Cubs are after Marlon Byrd, saying a move is "possible, if not probable."

Evan Grant says Engel Beltre is the Rangers' #6 prospect, and thinks he'll start the season at Clinton.

Which could present an interesting dilemma...Beltre plays center right now. David Paisano is going to repeat Clinton, one would assume, and is supposedly a terrific defensive centerfielder. And there's been talk that Julio Borbon will start the season in Clinton.

That's three centerfielders...and while that would be an incredible defensive outfield, one suspects that, for development purposes, the Rangers want them split up.

So I'm thinking Borbon will start the season in Bakersfield, with Paisano and Beltre in Clinton.