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A Byrd deal imminent?

Phil Rogers says something with Marlon Byrd could be happening soon:

Still, the one name to definitely keep in mind with the Cubs is Marlon Byrd. They are having conversations with the Texas Rangers about the center fielder, and this is a deal that could happen fairly quickly, assuming the Cubs are willing to give up some pitching.

The rumor in Texas involved Byrd for Matt Murton, but others say the deal would be Byrd for two or three players, including Murton. The Rangers, like the Orioles, apparently want pitching prospect Sean Gallagher to be in a deal.

Byrd would fill a big need for the Cubs, providing a right-handed-hitting option in center field. If the Cubs do get him, it seems a safe bet that he will get more 2008 at-bats than either Felix Pie (who could wind up going to Baltimore) or Sam Fuld. Byrd doesn't have a big reputation but he hit . 307 for Texas last season while driving in 70 runs (or as many as Alfonso Soriano).

Texas is looking at having Byrd and Milton Bradley flanking newly acquired center fielder Josh Hamilton. But they could fill that spot with a platoon of Murton and Frank Catalanotto or David Murphy.

I'd do Murton for Byrd straight up, but it sounds like the Rangers wouldn't be interested in that, given Murton's defensive limitations.

And I wouldn't think that the Cubs would be willing to part with anything more than Murton for Byrd.

But I'd think that if the Rangers could get Gallagher straight up for Byrd, they'd do that. And it may be that they're willing to kick in something -- a bullpen arm, perhaps -- to land both Gallagher and Murton.