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Rangers DFA Galarraga

We knew that the Jason Jennings signing was going to mean someone would be dropped from the 40 man roster, but the news of who it is is a pretty big surprise, to me...

Armando Galarraga has been designated for assignment by the Rangers.

This is clearly the prelude to a trade -- given that he's a nice arm with options remaining, someone would claim him on waivers -- but it surprises me that the Rangers chose to hang on to, say, Robinson Tejeda or Nelson Cruz.

Galarraga's bounceback from a bad 2006 was one of many nice stories from the farm system this year, and there was even talk that he'd be someone who'd push Kason Gabbard for a roster spot.

I also think it is interesting that the Rangers chose to hang on to Luis Mendoza rather than Galarraga, given that Galarraga has been viewed as having the better upside.

I assume that the Rangers have talked to other clubs about a deal for Galarraga, and that they'll finalize something in the next few days.