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Want info on the pending Johan Santana deal? No problem...

Nate Silver provides us with PECOTA projections for Santana, both as a Twin and as a Met.

Rob Neyer says the Twins would have been better off trading Santana to the M's, straight up, for Adam Jones, and would have also been better off taking the Yankee or BoSox deals offered earlier in the offseason.

Keith Law calls this a "win" for the Mets, and says they may now be the best team in the N.L. (personally, I'd remove the "may"). He offers breakdowns of each of the players involved, and seems underwhelmed by the total package the Twins got.

The Transaction Oracle disagrees...he says that the package the Twins got was pretty reasonable, given the constraints that they were working under.

There's grouchiness at U.S.S. Mariner over the M's giving up more for Erik Bedard than the Mets are for Santana.

Amazin Avenue is pretty happy about this. Understandably so...

Aaron Gleeman, meanwhile, is sad...