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Wednesday a.m. stuff

Hell of a game yesterday.  John Danks was terrific.  And the ChiSox, who I lampooned for acting like they were thisclose to being a contender when they were so bad last year, are the AL Central champs.

Evan Grant runs down the leading issues for the Rangers to address this offseason, with the coaching staff and the Hank Blalock option (which a decision must be made on by the 10th day following the World Series) the most pressing.  Rick Peterson is mentioned as someone who the Rangers have interest in, while the Rangers have contacted Perry Hill as an infield coach (and probably first or third base coach).

Grant also mentions that Blalock, if he comes back, won't be playing third base, and that the Rangers aren't going to give Milton Bradley a multi-year deal, which could mean that Blalock is the DH next year.  Grant also indicates that the Rangers need to find a cleanup hitter, but given that the only real hole in the lineup is at third base right now, and given that there are no 3B/cleanup types available out there, I imagine they'll have to address this internally, be it with Blalock, Nelson Cruz, Marlon Byrd, or someone else.

Gil LeBreton says the Rangers need to be smarter, not necessarily spend more money, and that they've got the talent on hand to be able to succeed without a $100+ million payroll if they just utilize it right.