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Jon Heyman is a clown

Sometimes, I think certain writers write outrageous things -- particularly on the internet -- just so others will link to them. 

This may be the case here.

And yet, I'm falling for it.

Jon Heyman is a clown.

His N.L. MVP top 3?  Manny Ramirez, C.C. Sabathia, and Ryan Howard.  Two guys who spent the first half of the season in the other league, and a guy who did nothing the first two months of the season (and thus, whose overall performance trails behind others in his league).

His A.L. MVP?  K-Rod.  Because he set a record for the most saves.

So if K-Rod is his MVP, he's also the Cy Young, right?

Well, no...he has K-Rod third on his A.L. Cy Young ballot.  And Sabathia, the highest-slotted pitcher on his MVP ballot, is 2nd in the N.L.