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Kevin Goldstein on the next Rays

Kevin Goldstein looks at some teams in the A.L. that haven't been good for a while, to see who might be the next version of the Tampa Bay Rays...

The Rangers, of course, are included, and there is lots to feel good about, according to Goldstein.  His conclusion:

Outlook: They have committed ownership, a nice young talent base, a loaded minor league system, an excellent recent track record in the draft and with their international signings, and a smart front office. All the ingredients are there to make the Rangers a clear winner in the "next big thing" race. That said, I expect this to be a slow burn as opposed to a sudden Rays-like leap forward. I wouldn't categorize them as a strong buy for 2009. Expect a winning record, but I don't think they'll be a real threat in the West until 2010.

The "committed ownership" I might quibble about, but really, this is a pretty glowing review of the direction the organization is heading...