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A couple of ESPN notes

Keith Law has some notes from the AFL, and has comments on a couple of Rangers prospects:

• Texas outfielder Julio Borbon has great bat control and should make a ton of contact, and he covers a ton of ground in center. His plate discipline isn't great, however, and he has at best a 40 arm, which is a little light for a center fielder.

• More great moments in player discipline: Texas third baseman John Whittleman popping up a bunt and then staring down the third-base coach (Kansas City's Terry Bradshaw) who gave him the bunt sign. I'd be in favor of an AFL rule banning sacrifices, but John, it's not Terry's fault you didn't get the bunt down.

Borbon isn't going to be an All-Star, but the more I read and hear about him, the more I come to believe that, if he hits .300 in the majors, he'll have a nice 8-10 year career as a solid major league CF'er.  And I think the chances of him hitting .300 in the majors are pretty good.

And Rob Neyer was nice enough to lead off his ALCS chat session this afternoon with a whine from me:

Adam J. Morris (Houston, Texas): MLB scheduled 1 game apiece on Saturday and Sunday. But on Monday, they decided we needed two games, with one of them being scheduled in the middle of the day so that most of the country is working during most of the game. Why does Bud Selig hate us?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (4:39 PM ET ) Bud Selig doesn't hate us, but he does love TV networks, and that's who schedules the games.