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Some 2008 Rangers trivia

How well do you remember the 2008 Rangers season?  Answer these questions...

1)  Who hit the first homer of the season for the Rangers?

2)  Who hit the last homer of the season for the Rangers?

3)  4 Rangers pitchers started fewer than 5 games, and those 4 started 1, 2, 3, and 4 games, respectively.  List the 4 and the number of games each of those 4 started.

4)  Name the three Ranger pitchers who saved 1, and only 1, game for Texas this season.

5)  Who led the Rangers in doubles?

6)  Who led the Rangers in triples?

7)  Josh Hamilton led the team in RBIs.  Who was second?

8)  Name the three Rangers who struck out more than 100 times this season.

9)  Only two Rangers were caught stealing more than twice this season.  Name them.

10)  Padilla, Feldman and Millwood were the top three Rangers pitchers in innings pitched.  Who was 4th?

11)  Name the 5 Rangers with double-digit GIDP totals.

12)  What pitcher pitched the most innings without an error.

Remember, no looking up, Googling, etc.  Answers later today.