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Contemplating Jake Peavy

I'm about to get on a plane to California, and zywica will be blogging tomorrow and Friday.  But before I left, I figured I'd throw a discussion question out there for this afternoon...

Jake Peavy is supposedly being shopped.  And Peavy is under contract for four more years, just turned 27 this year, is a really good starting pitcher, and is exactly the type of guy the Rangers should be trying to acquire.

The Rangers are also one of the few teams that have the heavy-duty prospects necessary to get a deal done.

Joe Sheehan had an interesting exchange about Jake Peavy in a chat session yesterday:

Ryguy86 (NY): What's an overwhelming package for Jake Peavy?

Joe Sheehan: A top-15 prospect, top-50, and top-75 guy, at least two of whom can be on the field by June. 

Well...the Rangers can do that package, without too much of a problem.  Offer the Padres a choice of Holland or Feliz, any one of the Rangers' three young catchers, and, say, San Diego's choice of one of the low-A arms (presumably, Beavan, Main, Ramirez, or Perez).  Or the Padres might prefer Elvis Andrus, to replace Khalil Greene before long.

And as a sweetener, the Rangers could also offer the Padres their choice of Cruz, Mayberry or Murphy.  Because realistically, I think the "overwhelming package" described by Sheehan might not be enough.

Now, Jake Peavy has a no-trade clause, and at this point probably wouldn't waive it to come to the Rangers.  Of course, money talks and b.s. runs the marathon, so I think an arrangement could be reached...say, a 2 year, $50 million extension tacked onto the end of Peavy's current deal, plus turning the 2013 option into a guaranteed deal at $22 million.'s the proposed deal...San Diego's choice of:

Feliz or Holland

Ramirez, Teagarden, or Saltalamacchia

Any one of the pitchers below AA, or Elvis Andrus

Cruz, Murphy or Mayberry

Plus the Rangers give Peavy a 2 year, $50 million extension to his current deal, which has $70 million over 4 years to go (assuming that 2013 option is picked up).

What do you think?  Do you do it?  Do the Padres?