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A new feature -- seeing lots of FanPosts

The tech wizards at SBNation have come up with a new feature for the SBNation blogs, which I think some of you will enjoy.

One of the complaints that sometimes surfaces is that FanPosts disappear to quickly, and it is too hard to go back and look at FanPosts from just a day or two ago.

Well, if you go to, you will now get to see a listing of 25 FanPosts in terms of most recently active (the default setting), most recently posted, and other sortings, along with an option that lets you see the last 20 FanPosts set out in post form (the way that, say, the front page posts look), so you can get caught up on a bunch of FanPosts without having to click each one.

So anyway, check it out, and hopefully this will be a nice tool for folks to use.