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The Rangers untouchable list

In the wake of Tom Hicks' latest declarations, we now have a definitive list of who, in the Ranger, organization, is untouchable.

Those players:

  • Thomas Diamond
  • Eric Hurley
  • Kasey Kiker
  • Blake Beavan
  • Michael Main
  • Neil Ramirez
  • Tommy Hunter

Why?  Because of this from Hicks:

"I can't imagine us trading a first-round draft choice pitching prospect ever again," Hicks said. "

So there you go.  The Rangers are talking to the Royals about Zack Greinke, and they want Kiker or Ramirez as part of the deal?  Screw you, Dayton'll have to settle for a 3rd rounder like Matt Harrison or a 25th rounder like Derek Holland, or someone so lowly that they weren't even drafted, like Neftali Feliz or Martin Perez.

We'll have to get a ruling from Hicks if Robbie Ross, a first round talent who got first round money but was selected in the 2nd round, is covered by this edict.

But that's the lesson Hicks has apparently taken from the John Danks/Brandon McCarthy trade...pitchers taken in the first round are untouchable.