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More Jake Peavy data

A few things to think about...

Peavy's N.L. ranking in ERA+:

2004 -- 2nd

2005 -- 9th

2007 -- 1st

2008 -- 9th

Peavy's N.L. ranking in FIP:

2004 -- 5th

2005 -- 2nd

2006 -- 3rd

2007 -- 1st

2008 -- 12th

Peavy's N.L. ranking in xFIP:

2004 -- 7th

2005 -- 3rd

2006 -- 6th

2007 -- 3rd

2008 -- 10th

Peavy is 27 years old.  He's still a young pitcher.  He's had a few injury issues, but has generally been durable. 

He's under contract for 4 more years at $56 million, with a $22 million option for 2013. 

You are talking about one of the elite pitchers in the game, who is still young, and who is under contract at a reasonable rate through 2013, when he'll still be just 32 years old.

You are talking about the type of top-of-the-rotation ace that the Rangers have been seeking for forever.

You are talking about a guy who should be able to front the rotation when the Hollands and Felizes and Harrisons and Hunters are coming up and establishing themselves.  You are talking about a guy who can be your legit #1 when you expect to be a playoff contender -- which shouldn't be too far down the road.

Do you just give up whatever it takes to get Peavy?  Of course not.  But I think the Rangers have to be interested in him, and have to be willing to push hard to get him.  Part of the point of having a strong, deep farm system is that you can make a big move like this without gutting the farm.

Sure, Peavy may not be willing to waive his no-trade clause to come here.  Or the price demanded by the Padres may be too high.  The medical folks may have some questions about his health.

But I don't think you can just reject out of hand the possibility of going after a Jake Peavy, given that the Padres are willing to move him.